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Rule of law, an important Constitutional precept- Justice Misra
Comparing the Constitution of India to a lamppost that guides administration and governance in the country, Justice Dipak Misra of the Supreme Court on Saturday said that the Constitutional precepts are based on certain norms and paradigms that should be followed for good governance.

Outlining the importance of Constitutional precepts, he said that that the core precepts are indestructible by the legislature and judiciary.

Constitutional precepts are the spirit of the Constitution, he said while delivering the last of a series of the lectures at the National Law University, Odisha (NLUO) here.

The lecture was titled “Constitutional Precepts”.

The Indian Constitution, he said, is based on Constitutionalism that insists on Constitutional rules, democracy, decentralisation of power and limitations on governmental powers.

Unlimited powers would jeopardise the government. Rule of law, an important Constitutional precept, has many facets and contours. It excludes all arbitrariness and unreasonableness on the part of the Government, he said.

The principles of liberty, equality and fraternity mentioned in the Preamble should not be divorced from each other, he said and laid importance on the other precepts like Fundamental Rights, Freedom, Directive Principles and Judicial Review.

Justice Misra explained that the Fundamental Rights form the backbone of democracy and stabilises democracy and ensures good governance.

However, too much of it without restrictions would produce anarchy, he added. He concluded his lecture by putting emphasis on making ‘Constitutional religion’ a way of life.

In his welcome address, Odisha Chief Justice and NLUO Chancellor V Gopala Gowda mentioned that the lecture series were organised to provide for the need of a variety of exposures for law students.

The lectures have always been integrated with the regular law courses so as to benefit the students, he added. A vote of thanks was given by NLUA Vice-Chancellor Prof Chandra Krishnamurthy.

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